Remember When


Athens, July 1969. The series’ main characters are the members of a family that has arrived in Athens from a village  and is trying to take advantage of all the opportunities that were available at the time: the Antonopoulos family, the father, the mother, the three children and the grand mother – the cornerstone.   They are all plain, everyday people, toiling for a better tomorrow for themselves and their children, hoping that their dreams will come true sometime in the near future.

Angelos, the family’s youngling, is growing up during these times and takes us to a journey through his childhood memories and the rapid alterations that take place in Greece, the dreams that are born whilst a whole, old, world is dying. Through his eyes, we see his adult comments on his childhood and teenage home that was Greece, as he comically but also nostalgically examines the lives of his family’s three generations. At the same time, Greece transforms from an agricultural economy to an industrial consumption society. On his 8th birthday, his family buys a television, serving as a catalyst in all this, and which he’s been longing for, in order to finally be able to watch the series he could only get a glimpse of through the local café’s door.




Katerina Papoutsaki, Meletis Elias, Yvonne Maltezou, Jenny Theona, Eriphyle Kitzoglou, Dimitris Kapouranis, Manolis Gkinis


Olga Malea


Nikos Apeiranthitis, Katerina Bei

Based on the series:

Cuéntame Cómo Pasó

Under the license of Grupo Ganga Productions S.L.


65 x 45’


Family Comedy


October 5, 2020