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We are Tanweer Productions

Tanweer Productions was founded in 2018 by its President, Joseph Samaan, and it is one of the newest ventures of Tanweer Group.

Tanweer Productions utilises the experience from its distributing division and its CEO’s, Dionyssis Samiotis, who has produced over 30 films, to focus entirely on producing quality cinema, TV and digital content to service the Greek and international marketplace. Based in Athens, Tanweer is a leading production player in Greece, with widespread acclaim.

Tanweer’ s first produced film, ”My Name Is Eftihia” (2019), directed by Angelos Frantzis, was one of the greatest box office successes of all time, while having great artistic success by winning 8 Iris awards (including Best Film), from the Hellenic Film Academy.

The company’s second feature film, ”Smyrna” (2021), directed by Gregory Karantinakis, is one of the highest budget productions ever made in Greece and one of the most anticipated cinematic adaptations in recent Greek cinema history. After its release, the film received 5 Iris awards by the Hellenic Film Academy, an audience award in Los Angeles Greek Film Festival, and was released in selected theatres in the U.S., Canada, and and the U.K.

Tanweer has completed two high – end mini series and a documentary mini series for COSMOTE TV, Greece’s biggest digital subscription platform as well as seven more fiction TV series for state and private television.

The company has also just completed production on another 2 major mini – series, ”So Long, Marianne”, directed by Oyster Karlsen and Bronwen Hughes, and ”17 Threads”, directed by Sotiris Tsafoulias. ”So Long, Marianne” is an international co-production with Norwegian Redpoint Productions, Canadian Connect 3 Media, and British Buccaneer Media. The series, which filmed in the island of Hydra, Oslo and Montreal, explores the love story between Leonard Cohen and his muse Marianne Ihlen. ”17 Threads” is a dramatic, mini – series and will premiere on COSMOTE TV in January 2024. The series is based on Panos Dimakis’ book of the same name and tells the story of the biggest massacre that ever occurred in Greece, back in 1909, in the island of Cythera, which is also where filming took place.

Tanweer’s latest film release is “The Murderess” (2023), directed by Eva Nathena, based on the acclaimed landmark Greek novel by Alexandros Papadiamantis. The film premiered on all Greek cinemas on November 30th 2023. Ahead of its premiere the film won several awards at Thessaloniki International Film Festival, including the FIPRESCI award.

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