Filming in Greece



Greece has made co-production treaties with Canada, China, France, Israel, and is in a member of the Council of Europe Convention on Cinematographic Co-production. By providing a platform to make cinematographic co-productions more systematic and easier to construct, the Convention’s contribution to the co-production arena, and therefore to European cinema as a whole, has been fundamental to its success.

For more details on each co-production treaty and the benefits a co-production with Greece can provide, please get in touch with us.


The cash rebate amounts to 40% on the eligible expenses incurred in Greece. Producers have access to state aid once they pass the cultural test and spend at least €100,000 in the case of feature films, €60,000 in the case of documentaries, shorts and animated films, and €30,000 in the case of digital games. Moreover, there is a bigger flexibility for television series, starting at €15,000 per episode for TV series, with a minimum of all eligible expenses at €100,000.


Additional Incentives for higher budget projects

For audiovisual works involving eligible costs over 8€mn, offer the possibility to foreign productions to include non-resident labor invoices. for the costs concerning the fees of the director and of the two (2) leading roles (cast), it shall be permitted to receive invoices issued by physical entities or companies or other legal entities having their registered office or being permanently established in a foreign country. The value of the foreign invoices mentioned in the previous point may not exceed 20% of the total eligible costs of the investment plan (VAT excluded), whereas the total subsidy may not exceed 12€mn.


What is eligible for cash rebate?

The cash rebate for the production of audiovisual supports feature films, documentaries, television series, animated films and digital games that choose Greece as location for either principal photography and production development and/or post-production stages. The rebate does not apply to music concerts, recorded performances, sports events and shows, reality shows, recorded events, commercials, infotainment shows etc. Applications may be submitted for international and domestic productions and/or co-productions to obtain a 40% cash rebate on the sum of eligible expenses incurred in Greek territory.

Who is eligible for the cash rebate?

Eligible to apply for cash rebate in Greece are companies which are established or have a branch in the Greek territory and operate to produce audiovisual works, foreign producers of audiovisual works who are contracted with a company established or having a branch in Greek territory and operating for the purpose of producing audiovisual works, and companies for the production of audiovisual works in the context of cross-border production.

Important Note: Applications should be submitted only by the Greek partner company. However, beneficiary and applicant may not necessarily coincide. Namely, a beneficiary may be the Greek producer, co-producer or production service provider, or their foreign partner.


When is the cash rebate payable?

The cash rebate is paid to producers about six months after the completion of the production and/or post-production in Greece, provided that all prerequisites of the legislation have been met and after a detailly cost report by auditors.


Type of aid

The rebate can be combined with other aid schemes provided that total state financing (including the state aid by EKOME) shall not exceed:

  • 50% for domestic productions or co-productions
  • 60%, in case of cross-border productions with EU members
  • 80%, in case of “difficult” audiovisual works as defined in Law No. 4487/2014

* EU funds (EURIMAGES or MEDIA) are not included in the above maximum rules

Eligible Expenses

Royalties (screenplay/soundtrack), fees (director, scriptwriter, two leading actors, producer): up to 35% of the total eligible cost. Insurance premiums and completion bond guarantees (5%); production service company’s fee (10%); fuel expenses up to 0,02; cash receipts up to 0,005. Per-diems. Travel expenses: from-to Greece + domestic. Dubbing/ subtitling. Excluded: expenses for development, financial assets, “pilot” production fixed assets and their depreciation, marketing, promotion, and communication costs.
However, eligible are all pre-production expenses incurred after the application submission.

Cash Rebate Categories

  • Script
  • Director
  • Producer
  • Music
  • Cast (Main Cast / Stunts / Extras – Crowd / Stand – Ins)
  • Executive producer
  • Production department
  • Assistant directors, script supervisor etc.
  • Production accountants, auditors
  • Camera department
  • Lighting department & Gaffers
  • Sound department
  • Art department
  • Costume department
  • Special FX
  • Makeup & Hair department
  • Script consultants
  • Other crew members
  • Editors
  • Constructions & sets
  • Set dressing
  • Props
  • Costumes
  • Studios & site rentals
  • Hair & make up supplies
  • Picture Vehicles & animals
  • Casting expenses
  • Technical equipment hires and consumables
  • Lighting & Grips equipment hire and consumables
  • Camera equipment hire and consumables
  • Sound recording equipment hire and consumables
  • Production supplies
  • Hard disks
  • Catering, meals
  • Accommodation
  • Transportation costs (Vans, cars, fuel, tolls, parking, tickets, taxis, etc.)
  • Travel costs (Air, train, bus, sea)
  • Per diem
  • Post Film & Lab
  • Post Sound
  • VFX
  • Titles
  • Subs
  • Edit room
  • Editorial purchases
  • Other post costs
  • Legal
  • Insurance
  • General office expenses, Office rental & bills
  • Stationery, prints, photocopies
  • Telephone and internet
  • Courier, post
  • Contingency

Greece has a general VAT rate of 24% on all goods and services.

13%      Reduced: Some foodstuffs; certain take away food; some non-alcoholic beverages; water supplies; some pharmaceutical products; hotel accommodation (bed and breakfast); certain social services; restaurant and catering and other.

6%        Reduced: Some pharmaceutical products; some books, newspapers and periodicals; certain theatre and concert admissions; supply of electricity, gas and district heating.

VAT is NOT considered a qualified Greek spend.



Applicants need to apply no later than 10 days before the beginning of production and/or post-production works in Greece. We recommend submitting the application one to two months earlier. Expenses count onwards from the time of the application submission.


Cultural test

Applications are considered on a cultural test point-system basis, according to the type of audiovisual work.

Application Process/ Deadlines

Applications are submitted via an electronic system guaranteeing smooth, fast and transparent processing. Applications may be submitted and processed all year long.


English-speaking Greek film professionals have the expertise and know-how to collaborate flawlessly with international productions. Equipment operators and post-production facilities equipped with high-end industry technologies to world-class services are provided by established production companies.


Excellent crews, equipment rental services that cover all needs (full camera packages, light, sound, grip),  laboratories with full services for both image and sound, competitive wages, natural locations.


Nestled in south-eastern Europe at the southern end of the Balkan peninsula, within a few hours of every European capital, Greece has thirty-nine (39) airports, over a hundred (100) harbors and hundreds of marinas, providing easy access to every destination in the hinterland and the 6000 islands in the Greek archipelagos.


Filming Permits are issued by archaeological, military, municipal and other competent authorities. There is no central, nationwide body responsible for issuing filming permits. The application and issuing procedures, time required, and fees levied vary in different locations. Filming on private property requires a permit issued by the owners of that property. No permit is required to film (for cinema purposes, TV, etc.) in open-air spaces, except in the case of special permits provided for by law and issued by the relevant archaeological, municipal or other authorities.


The City of Athens covers an area of ​​38.96 square kilometers and has a population of 638,000 (2022). It is an extremely attractive destination for film, television and advertising shoots.

The majority of Greece’s production studios and audio-visual professionals are based in Athens.

The City of Athens provides flexible support to audio-visual productions and issues short-term permits, following the submission of an application, allowing public spaces to be occupied for a period of up to a few days for public-benefit, artistic and promotional events. The permit to film in public spaces is provided free of charge when the audio-visual production serves social or cultural aims. In all other cases, the permit to occupy public spaces is issued on payment of the Advertising charge foreseen by Presidential Decrees 908/2015, 1512/2015 and 2141/2016. The Municipality of Athens examines and processes the applications within the framework of the current legislation and ensures that the conditions required for the smooth running of the audio-visual productions and proper use of public space are in place.


*Note: when filming in Athens includes monuments and archaeological sites, a special filming permit is required which is issued by the Hellenic Ministry of Culture and the Archaeological Service.



The Location Scouting Support Program is addressed to film and television projects of foreign initiative that are interested in conducting preliminary location scouting in our country. This specific Program is in accordance with the statutory mode of operation of the Hellenic Film Commission and contributes to the fulfillment of its objectives as financial support in the pre-production stage proves to be an important tool for attracting international audiovisual productions according to best practices. Location scouting offers producers the possibility of a comparative evaluation of the advantages of each location as well as all the filming opportunities that Greece provides. This Program is addressed to feature films and documentaries with a minimum running time of 70 minutes, as well as TV drama series and TV documentaries.

Funding by the Greek Film Centre has the form of a subsidy.

Eligible projects:

International projects, the scripts of which could be shot in Greece, with a Greek co-producer as a minority partner.

International projects, the scripts of which could be shot in Greece, without a Greek co-producer as a minority partner but with the commitment of collaborating, during the location scouting, with a Greek production company (sole proprietorship or legal entity) that is active and operates in order to produce audiovisual works, requiring it has the corresponding taxation code.

For both eligible categories projects, the prerequisites are:


Minimum shooting days in Greece:

Fifteen (15) days for fiction feature films and TV drama series

Seven (7) days for documentaries and TV documentaries

Minimum estimated expenses to be incurred in Greece in case the project gets produced in the country: 50.000 euros

The maximum amount of the subsidy is set up to 10.000 euros.