Dionyssis Samiotis

Producer, LL.M.

Short Bio

Member of both European and Greek Film Academy.

Participated in several European Union working groups and training programs for audiovisual sector and since 1996 he has produced over 30 feature films and a few tv series and documentaries.

His filmography as a Producer includes top box office and awarded films, among which are,
“BALKANISATEUR”, by Sotiris Goritsas (1997)
‘’FROM THE EDGE OF THE CITY’’, by Constantinos Giannaris (1998)
“FEMALE COMPANY’’ by Nikos Perakis (1999)
“BEWARE OF GREEKS” a Greek-Australian co-production by John Tatoulis (2000)
“A TOUCH OF SPICE” (POLITIKI Kouzina) by Tassos Boulmetis (2003)
“FIRST TIME GODFATHER” by Olga Malea (2007)
“JUST BROKE UP” by Vassilis Myrianthopoulos, (2008),
“NEED FOR LIES” by Ieroklis Michailides (2010)
“MY NAME IS EFTIHIA” by Angelos Frantzis (2019)
“SMYRNA” by Gregoris Karantinakis (2021)

Associate producer in Costa Gavras’ film “EDEN IS WEST” and co-producer/production co-ordinator in a number of international co-productions (as “The Kings of Mykonos” by Peter Andrikides, “O Jerusalem” by Ellie Chouraqui, “Fugitive Pieces” by Jeremy Podesua, “A sea apart” by Ersi Danou).

From 2005 till 2011 served as Secretary General of the Association of Greek Independent Producers.

Since January 2012, he has joined Tanweer Group, developing its business of tv sales and distribution, in various territories.