Papadopoulos, Who?


Two babies get mixed up at the maternity hospital and end up with the wrong families. Sixteen years later… the truth is revealed!

The story begins 16 years ago in a maternity hospital. Two men that have never met before but share the same (pretty common) last name, celebrate the birth of their sons. A sudden electricity black out results to a very big mistake! The two nurses that are responsible for the babies’ first visit to their mothers’ rooms, accidentally mix them up as they try to find their way in the hospital’s dark alleys. 

Fast forward to today.

Thanos Papadopoulos, a straight-A, nerdy student, îs growing up in an extremely poor home, with his lazy, alcoholic dad, his desperate but hard-working mom and his rebel grandpa. When his dad has a gross but severe accident they all go to the hospital and Thanos donates blood. This is when it is revealed that he has absolutely nothing to do with this family.

Alex Papadopoulos, on the other hand, has everything a teenage boy could ask for. Literally! Gadgets, friends, girls, money, clothes… He is extremely popular, a lousy student and a spoiled son who has no idea what struggling means. Until the phone rings and his parents find out that they have been raising the wrong boy. 

The two families meet. The boys are exchanged. But, when o the house of the poor Papadopoulos family burns down the rich Papadopoulos family agrees to take them in, in order to put a roof over their former son’s head.

The members of the two families become house-mates and the cohabitation is NOT going to be a piece of cake… 




Krateros Katsoulis, Marianna Toumasatou, John Drakopoulos, Lena Ouzounidou, Vassilis Kolovos, Dimitris Daras, Constantinos Georgiopoulos, Marilou Katsafadou etc.


Vassilis Myrianthopoulos


Vassilis Risvas, Dimitra Sakali

Based on the series ”The Ivanovs vs. the Ivanovs”, produced by Yellow, Black and White group


60 x 45'


Family Comedy


September 9, 2022