The Clairvoyants – Plegma


If the Clairvoyants (the psychic mediums) did not have an innately traumatized nervous system, it would not be possible for them to produce psychic phenomena and the mysterious world that we hide in our physical matter would remain unknown to us.

A 1935 newspaper ad invites those with an aptitude for metaphysical work to go to the Greek Society for Psychical Research. The day of attendance is indicated; it is Sunday. The time of attendance is not indicated. It will be transmitted telepathically by a clairvoyant from the French Society of Psychical Research on Saturday at 12:00 pm (Greek time). Only those candidates who arrive at the correct time will have the opportunity to tryout.
On Sunday, hundreds of women and only a few men flood the Society’s sidewalk. However, only those who picked the entry slip with the correct time will enter the building. And only five of those who enter will be hired after the tryouts.

At the same time, Angelos Tanagras’ (1877-1971) scientific team, comprised of the crème de la crème of professors and upper-middle-class representatives of the time, isn’t in the least ready for what it will face at the end of the tryouts: five uncooperative women the likes of which they’ve never interacted with. Delinquent, mismatched, some excessively “buoyant”, some of questionable morals, and some others with boldly deviant social behavior.

Nevertheless, when the experiments begin, the Greek team, in collaboration with the French one, produce the most impressive results in the world; even more impressive than the performances of the KGB and FBI Clairvoyants.

The Thule society in Germany, along with the Nazis, place a spy in the Greek team. The remarkable results achieved by the five women are now used, without Tanagras’ knowledge, for the benefit of military applications. Telepathy, telekinesis, parabolia (psychic wave emissions),remote viewing; these are the names of the new secret weapons of a world war that’s just starting. A scientific war behind the war, a race hidden from us, about who will first gain access to the ultimate weapon. The Net – Plegma.


Aspa Kalliani

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14 x 50’


Mystery, Period Drama


January 17, 2024