Tanweer Pitching Days 



Tanweer Productions, loyal to its vision towards creating and producing content for cinema and television, introduces the 2nd Tanweer Pitching Days program. It is an open call limited to fiction, and more specifically, to script submissions: a) for feature films, and b) for TV series.


This open call is not a competition, but a means to find talented scriptwriters and create strong original stories, appealing to audiences both in Greece and abroad.


Scripts must be submitted before the application deadline on the 31st of January 2023, by 23.59, through the form that may be found on Tanweer Productions’ web page https://tanweerproductions.com/pitching-days/


The scripts received will be assessed by the script readers of Tanweer Productions, and all participants will be notified via personal e-mail regarding the status of their proposal. The most interesting projects will be invited to participate and pitch their scripts during the Tanweer Pitching Days forum which will take place in May 2023, in Athens. The selected projects will be notified in due time. The working language of the forum is Greek, but there is also the possibility of pitching in the English language in cases of English-speaking creators.


Any questions regarding this open call should be addressed to the following email:  pitchingdays@tanweer.info







  1. Project title and genre
  2. Logline
  3. One page synopsis
  4. The script draft in pdf (formatted according to international standards and 12pt courier fonts or in any of the following programs: FINAL DRAFT/ CELTX/ WRITERDUET)
  5. Character analysis up to two (2) pages
  6. Copyright document
  7. Scriptwriter’s short CV and filmography
  8. Contact details (mobile phone and email)




  1. Series bible (up to 6 pages), including: TV series title, average length of episode, number of episodes, genre, logline, one (1) page synopsis of the series, series universe (space & time), six (6) future episodes plot summary (including episode title and a 15 lines paragraph per each), character analysis up to two (2) pages
  1. The script draft of the first episode of the series (pilot), in pdf, formatted according to international standards and 12pt courier fonts or in any of the following programs: FINAL DRAFT/CELTX/WRITERDUET
  2. Copyright document
  3. Scriptwriter’s short CV and filmography
  4. Contact details (mobile phone and email)







Announces that in the context of its interest in the production of motion pictures and television series, accepts proposals for scripts for evaluation and further advancement and the conditions concerning the submission, evaluation and selection of scripts are the following:

  1. Proposals can only be submitted via the online form on the website of «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» and in no case will scripts be accepted in any other way (e.g., by post, courier, etc.).
  2. A screenplay, as stated here, is either the entire screenplay of a film or the screenplay of the first episode (pilot) of a TV Series.
  3. Submissions are accepted by persons (candidates) who have completed the 18th year of their age.
  4. The script must be the original and creative work of the candidate. If the script is based on an existing work (i.e. book, theatrical play, etc) by another writer, the written consent of the writer of this existing work should also be submitted. In any case, the candidate must guarantee that they are the sole copyright holder of the submitted script.
  5. Scripts must be copyrighted prior to submission, and the scriptwriter bears the responsibility of the copyright
  6. Scripts that are adaptations of pre-existing scripts, without the consent of the original scriptwriters, will not be accepted.
  7. In case that the submitted script is a product of a writing team, the team cannot consist of more than three (3) people. The submission will be made by one of the three (the candidate) and the consent of all the other members of the writing team is required. All three must fulfill the obligation of paragraph 4.
  8. Projects that were submitted during the 1st Tanweer Pitching Days program will not be accepted.
  9. Each candidate can submit only one (1) script.
  10. Scripts previously submitted to and rejected by «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» will not be considered.
  11. «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» guarantees absolute confidentiality in relation to the submitted scripts and their authors, promising not to disclose to any third parties, unrelated to the evaluation of the submitted script, either their content, or their author. It also commits that the disclosure of any kind of information contained in the submitted scripts and their creators, will be made exclusively for the purposes of evaluation and only to persons related to this purpose, which are bound by the same confidentiality obligations as the company.
  12. «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» in addition, states that it complies with the laws on personal data protection (GDPR) as they apply contextually.
  13. The submitted scripts will receive their initial evaluation by «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» and if they are positively assessed, they will move to the second phase of the evaluation, whereupon their creators will be invited to present their proposal (live or online). «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» maintains absolute discretion in relation to the evaluation of a script and its progress in the second phase.
  14. Also, in no case «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» guarantees the realization of Production.
  15. In case of rejection of a submitted script from «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.», its creator(s) is/are entitled to present their script to other bodies. In addition, the submission of a script through the online form on the website of «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» does not preclude the submission of the same script to other bodies.
  16. «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» reserves the right to suspend, postpone or cancel the entire program, as set forth herein.
  17. The electronic form on the website of «TANWEER PRODUCTIONS S.M.S.A.» will be open for the submission of scripts until the 31st of January 2023 (31/01/23), at 23.59.
  18. After the above-mentioned deadline for the submission of scripts passes, all candidates will be notified via e-mail on the status of their application, and whether it progresses in the second evaluation phase, no later than the 31st of March 2023.